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All right my dear friends,
sorry for not having updated in a while. A lot of foundation work has been made like porting the game to “Action Script 3″(for easier multi-porting/Facebook features implementation etc…), building a small PHP/html server with data base that host the playable demo accessible to any registered user. It is all done, but can’t share the link to the demo yet. So right now what do we have here? This is the first version of the world 1 of Wuli adventure. Spent aprox 150 hours (11 days). It needs to be more polished and it may evolves. Next steps is to implement this in the game, and prepare/debug 3, 4 forest level so you can play/test it. You will be able to see your progress on the map every time you finish a course(like in a Mario game). There will be secret path in some levels that once are discovered give you access to some areas on the map.

If you want to test the game, just let me know, I will give you access to it. Make sure you have a D-pad ready (play with the key board is not very convenient…)
I am open to all questions and suggestions…

Thank you for your cheerful support my friends.



Tile set

Welcome to the 2D game assets shop:

Gamer Community

Let just say this is the place for communities that have some interactions with Wuli Adventure.
And I found some videos pretty funny, so I have to post it here. Feel free to advertise and post other of your links!
Also, feel free to embed videos. I am not doing it because you probably want to focus on the one your prefer and I can’t make that decision, it is up to you :)
Let me know if you have any questions regarding the embedding, or if you think some plugins should be installed so you advertise better.


Daniel Lippert

Daniel Lippert is already giving us great advices regarding the music of Wuli Adventure. He will probably create something for the game as
he already collaborated with the main composer Jeffrey Lawhead in the past. That is not sure the moment, but what is certain is that his album deserve to be advertised so I am embedding it right here just for you!